Here are some comments & photographs sent in from satisfied customers!

The Parasol & Flat Cap - "I just love them"! – Thank you. Mrs Reedey – Lancashire

The Speckled Dome - "They look wonderful amongst my shrubs". Mrs Armstrong – Cumbria

One clump of The Tall Gentleman and one Speckled Dome - "The talking point of our village"! Mrs Engle – Cornwall

Three clumps of Speckled Domes -"An unusual splash of colour to a corner of our small garden". Miss Smith – South Africa

Two clumps of Flat Caps - "It took me a good while to unpack them but they are very good and I will be ordering some more from you soon" – Thank You. J Volka - Germany

Speckled Dome & Slender Stem - "I have them next to my pond, they look surperb". Mrs Smart- Sussex

Speckled Dome & Flat Cap - "When the parcel arrived I thought it was a Christmas Turkey! Very pleased". Edith Froud - Somerset

Tall Gentleman & Slender Stem - "Super creations – thank you very much"! Mr Allen - Poole

Tall Gentleman & Parasol - "I especially like my Tall Gentleman very much"! Julie Maidment - Essex

Slender Stem & Parasol - "My grandchildren think they are super and so do i"! Mrs Harding - Bristol

Parasol - "Very pleased, thank you. Phillipe Gouchon" - France

Slender Stem, Parasol and two clumps of Flat Caps - "They are fantastic fun, I love my Toadstool clumps". Amy Stutz - USA

Flat Cap & Parasol - "Good shipping and a very good product. The wrapping kept my children busy for hours"! Mrs Pruett - USA

Speckled Dome & Slender Stem - "Wow, they’re heavy! I tell my friends I have a little piece of England put in my yard, thank you so much". Dorothy Armstrong – USA

Three clumps of Slender Stems - "They are so cute"! Eve Mendez - USA

The Slender Stem & Tall Gentleman - "Very good packing, they are unique, thank you". Mr Peddersen – Norway

The Flat Cap & Tall Gentleman - "They have brought a scence of wonderment to my garden, thank you very much". Mrs Walsh - Newcastle

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